Behavioral Health

Michael Bennett

Year: Senior

Major: Film, Television and Digital Media

Hometown: Arlington, TX



Dylan’s fingers scatter        over residential jigsaw pieces

smelling antiseptic orange & gray


bone-legs crossed               When his hands find one

              small & chipped     they scramble for its home


It’s a reclamation of power

I know         to make broken things whole


Cars crumple into fire on the T.V. set

cabled above                             he turns his eyes


scab brown                         to the colored glass casing

                  sucking in    the purple image-bath


Best part                          a pucker-eyed woman 

whispers                     She drops onto plastic couch-wrap


Villas half-formed        lights switch off   too awake

to go to that fucking room                     smile 



between his teeth         as the movie snaps   to black

                       and leaves us in             eely silence


crackling log-fires           he sets

                           in the ribs of a muddy riverbank