Month: December 2019

dissenters in the lawn

By: Mariah Gomez Major: English Year: Junior Hometown: San Antonio, TX   smooth concrete separates seas of mixed foliage, immaculate, buzzed forest fur, shoved into shapes: trapezoids, parallelograms, semi-circles, yet trios of blades stick out in the turf, swaying in wait, the lanky dissenters. groundcover swells in the pen, meticulously molded by machines into level sheets, yet littered with taller… Read more →

An Ode to Rome

By: Lauren Working Major: Communication Studies, Writing Minor Year: Senior Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR   I miss you. I miss the way the streets reeked of lukewarm Peroni after a Thursday night romp around the town until the sun rose again. I miss the way your buildings looked as if they could be brought to their knees with a single… Read more →