Leisure Suit Lesbian

By: Annie Brenkus

Major: Music

Year: Senior

Hometown: McKinney, TX


Leisure Suit Lesbian
                          a valentine
I want to grow old in Portland,
and read poems in a coffee shop
where they don’t serve cream.
I want to smoke cigarettes inside,
and treasure my old, broken things
in a dusty apartment with brick walls,
peeling paint and bugs.
I’d like to have a chubby girlfriend
who wears plaid shirts, collect folk records
or typewriters, argue a lot, have threesomes
on a floral couch like hipsters, and maybe,
before we get busy and rich and old, I’ll say,
“I’d love to see Japan.”
When we reach Kyoto, I’ll blow
all the souvenir money on sake
and thrift store clothes. We will go,
armed with forks, to a neat ramen place,
where we’ll chuckle, and worry
all the while that her sister
will forget to brush the cat.

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