Your Middle

By: Erin Lantsberger

Major: Nursing

Year: Junior

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA


Every story has a beginning, middle, and end.

Even though I was not there when you first began,

and could not be there when it all ended,

I was your middle.


A wise man once said that it is the journey that matters

I was your voyage.

Without me you would have never grown into the man you are today,

nor I the woman.

In those times, I was your middle.


I was the prepubescent porcelain face you claimed was your favorite.

I was the rosy cheeks you kissed while we slow danced in a room full of strangers.

I was the dazzling dress and fresh makeup that you paraded around during our coming of age.

I was the tank top and bathing suit filling the room with the sweet smell of summer.

I was the tear-stained face that you walked away from, never looking back.

At that moment, the end was nearing,

but all the same, I was your middle.


When beginnings transform to middle

and middle to end,

those we love become those we loved.

And though at one time I was grieving for you,

then indifferent towards you,

then hated you,

slowly I stopped missing you,

stopped hating you,

stopped waiting for you,

yet I never stopped loving you.

And still today, no part of me

would every want to change the time

when I was your middle.