By: Erin Lantsberger

Major: Nursing

Year: Junior

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA


They say that you can only dream

Of the faces that you’ve already seen

In your waking moments.


There are men I have seen

That I will never know

Yet they haunt my dreams and

Steal sleep by simply existing

In my dreamland.


There are women in my dreams

That I may never see again

But the envy will remain

Because of the story my imagination crafted

While I was deep in my slumber.


In whose dream was I

The inquisitive stranger at the coffee shop

With a smile that pervades into the early stages

Of her morning?


In whose dream was I

The best friend she seemingly knew forever

Yet, upon waking,

my soft humor fades away?


In whose dream was I

The one that got away, the one

With a history designed by some unidentified source

While he slept soundly under the dream’s illusion?


In whose dream was I

The secret lover, unbeknownst to the world

With whom he fell so deeply in love that

His subconscious remembers the deep curve of my smile?


Incredible, all these nightly delusions

None of which become reality

But feel just as concrete as life itself.