Month: February 2019

“Alexa” by Joshua Borders

Shuffle Lady Gaga songs  What is the weather in Kaufman  What is the weather in Kaufman, Texas  Have you ever been outside  How do you make maraschino cherries  Maraschino cherry production process  Stop sending me maraschino cherry cake recipes  Tell me a joke  Can dogs get braces  Do you like pets  Do you know what flowers smell like  Okay Google,… Read more →

“Solaris” by Liam Evans

To experience its birth,  A ray of sunlight:    It’s like stepping into the morning air  As the fragments of golden warmth  Fall through the leaves, caress your skin;  Gently—  Flirtatiously.    It’s like lighting a candle:  The flame burning warm, subtle,   The sweet air of vanilla  Fondly filling your lungs.    And, to experience its passing,  A golden supernova: … Read more →