“Alexa” by Joshua Borders

Shuffle Lady Gaga songs 

What is the weather in Kaufman 

What is the weather in Kaufman, Texas 

Have you ever been outside 

How do you make maraschino cherries 

Maraschino cherry production process 

Stop sending me maraschino cherry cake recipes 

Tell me a joke 

Can dogs get braces 

Do you like pets 

Do you know what flowers smell like 

Okay Google, Hey Siri, What’s up Cortana 

Is Mike Wazowski evil 

What is the root of all evil 

Connect to the wi-fi network 

I’m like a scrapbook of missed opportunities 

Does that make sense 

How can I help you 

Tell me I’m pretty 

Will it hurt when the world ends 

Tell me a joke 

Can you hear me 

Are you listening 

Please answer me