“The Way the Heart Goes” by Stephanie Chavez

The light lights and the dark darkens

The day is bright and the night hearkens  

Awaken thine heart before time fades 

Speak its message, even though decency forbades 

Scream its message, scream its message, it begs and it begs 

Forget all the world has taught you the heart requires no legs 

Stay back, stay away, this isn’t the right way of things 

Your heart is wrong your heart is blind  

To the way it’s supposed to feel inside  

But how do you know, how do you decide  

Where does it go, where does it hide 

When its told only to feel the things that are right 

Can’t it just be a thief in the night? 

Hide me, hide me, is that what’s right? 

Save your tender heart, save your precious soul 

From what the world says it’s supposed to know 

 Don’t let it fade, don’t let it go  

don’t let them tell you what it is to be told 

And next time it sees the one it wants to hold 

Give over to its command, let it be bold 

For we live just one life, One chance, one road 

Take the one least tried, the one everyone’s afraid to go 

Sail to the ocean or sail to the world below

But do it together with the one your heart has chose.