Busy Roommates Stay Connected by Leaving Passive Aggressive Notes on the Thermostat

By: Jack Moraglia

College life is crazy! With everyone doing their own thing, trying to balance 10 jobs and 50 classes, some people are lucky if they even run into their roommate once a semester. That’s why two roommates, Luke and Gabe, decided to get creative to keep up their roomie bond. They started leaving passive aggressive notes on the thermostat for each other. How cute!

Luke left for class this morning before Gabe was even awake, so he made sure to leave Gabe a little treat to let his roomie know he loves him!

Roomie cuteness overload! Gabe woke up, crumpled Luke’s note, and tossed it in the garbage can like a basketball. Roomies who play together stay together! Some roommates plan little coffee dates, others attend each other’s events, but Luke and Gabe prefer to leave rude sticky notes on top of the digital thermostat. Gabe had a response waiting for Luke when he came home, like the sillybilly he is.

Teasing can be so fun among friends! Gabe knows just what to say to give Luke a little tickle in his side. Even though Luke is at school all day, and Gabe works late into the night, the thermostat is one place the pals can communicate. Some friends text or call, these two leave angry notes on the air-conditioning controller. Luke replied the next day. Prepare for a sweetness sandwich!

Yikes, Luke really let Gabe have it with this one, all in fun, of course! When Gabe came home from work and saw the note, he grabbed a scythe and drove the blade straight into it, slicing it in half. You bet a note was waiting for Luke the next morning, those sillies!

The bromance is so real! Gabe is such a kidder. We’re “LOLing” at the imagery of his chapped, bloody body laying under pieces of crisp blanket shards. He’s just kidding, right? Right? Well, that’s what we’re choosing to believe because we can’t get enough of this dream-team cast, starring in their own musical called, “Best Roomies Ever: The Musical!” Now that’s a show we’d go to the theatre to see!

Come on guys, get a room! Oh wait, they’re roommates! We can’t stop blushing. They might not see each other all the time, but notes like this keep their relationship exciting and new.

Woah, is that blood? You never know what those jokesters are gonna do next! They say it’s all fun and games until someone loses a finger, but for Luke and Gabe the fun express never stops. It looks like the dynamic duo’s crazy hijinks will continue, keeping the pals in touch even amidst their crazy schedules. These guys really put the “mate” in roommate! With so many heartbreaking stories, it’s nice to see a feel-good tale like this once in a while.