Dear eleven40seven…

September 29, 2017

Dear eleven40seven,

I try to make class fun and engaging, especially on Fridays, but students always seem to skip right before the weekend. I’ve made attendance mandatory, and docked points off their final grade for missing class, but it still doesn’t seem to faze them. The dean is on me to get grades up, but I can’t keep having people miss class. Using your expertise as a student journal, what would make students come to class more? Extra credit for 100% attendance? Bonus questions sometimes given in class? Help.



Dear TheProfessor,




October 27, 2017

Dear eleven40seven,

I swear if one more person steals my parking spot in the parking garage, I’m going to loose it. Lot 3 fills up so fucking fast, even on Sunday’s after games and it’s bullshit. I’m done. I also think it’s stupid that we have to move our cars for EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. I’m over it.



Dear vroom87,


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