“Ever Since You Left” by Jeffrey Libby

Ever Since You Left


In the morning, light beams through the window

A spotlight illuminating the bodiless side of the bed

Sheets stuck tucked tight where you once slept

Your poisonous perfume still stains the pillow


The bare bedside table, your glasses and books missing

The empty drawers and the space in the closet

The bathroom counter colorless without your makeup

The tire marks in the drive where you parked fading fast

The glass on the kitchen counter painted pink by your lips


Your absence rained sadness into my world

Swimming sorrowfully through the flood

Left behind to pick up pieces of what was


Outside beautiful color is drained away into darkness

The blue sky melts down behind the flat horizon

Revealing sparkling stars hidden behind the sun’s light

I count the flickering flecks, knowing you’re without me