“A Mixtape: Examinations of Bodily Interactions” By: William McDonald


  1. “Lost in My Mind” – The Head and the Heart


I stare at my reflection every day—long enough

tonight to realize that face is my face.


I am contained behind that freckled face.

Have you ever looked long enough to feel




me? For a moment, imagine the freedom of possessing

another’s body.


  1. “Every Other Freckle” – alt-J


I need to confess something.

I have never had a blow job—I promise, but

the sun sucks me off every time I leave the

shade—tickling me up to an celestial



We begin with soft kisses—you and me, but

the sun climaxes in a slow, blistering

work of drawing up festered mounds at every

pore through my ginger skin between

every other freckle.


  1. “Bible Belt” – Dry the River


this man was homeless

I think he rubbed his own

shit between his pants.


his belly billowed out from

the stained shirt that groped for

the waistline of his weathered khakis


my eyes were peeled from my menu.

he stood exalted with our undivided disgust.

I had no choice but to inhale his putrid aroma.


the smell was so unbearable

that it pried hands from forks and silenced

appetites as every savory scent was unclothed.


he stood there confident in his refuse

until we gave him our corporate

tithes to rid him of our conscience.


the stench still lingered in my nostrils

I gagged in the bathroom and

wondered if anyone else was, too.




  1. “Resonance” – Home


Brains are bewildering—how they store

sounds down to the specific note, frequency.


The unique creak of every stair, faithful like

the one song I know on the piano.


My father’s beckoning whistle, a voice

piercing through the strongest wind.


His trumpet found my ear through a thousand

pines in the whine of my motorbike.


The siren that dove into the dusk’s flaming

shot-glass lake to pull me from my boyhood play.


If ever my heart finds itself out of beat,

put the defibrillator away.


If I die early and when I am buried deep,

It’s like gravity—I will have no choice but to live.


Just tell my father to whistle.


  1. “On the Shore” – Slow Skies


He cranked up his boat before dawn

on a stormy January 5th.  The crappie

bit best in choppy water.  He drove

through the rain to his favorite overpass

on Town Creek by the state park.


They found his bass boat face up in

the middle of the lake.  They found

his body face down, backed in a slue.

The overpass bridge was twenty feet

from the muddy bank.


He hardly ever buckled his life jacket.

I’d seen him carry out this ritual many

times—hooking the boat to the bridge.

The shore was so close.  His hand was so

cold in his casket.


I held his tattered bible wrapped in tape and cried

Lord, let me be a man who doesn’t leave the boat.